• Eirinaios Galanakis

A short biography of Eirinaios

Eirinaios Galanakis was born in 1911 in Nerohori Apokoronou in Crete, and was named Michail.

He studied at the Theological School of the University of Athens and he worked as a teacher in high schools in Chania prefecture.

In 1943 he was arrested by the German forces in Greece, due to his speeches for resistance and freedom at the Church mass, but was saved by the Bishop of Apokoronas.

In 1946 he was consecrated a deacon and received the name Eirinaios and in 1957 he became Metropolitan Bishop of Kissamos.

His bright mind, his love for arts and culture worked like a lighthouse in the region, encouraging people to be educated and well nurtured. He established numerous foundations and philanthropic associations, schools and craft academies, cultural associations and many more clubs and benefit societies. His writing chare has also been significant and impressive.

From 1972-1980 Eirinaios Galanakis undertook a mission to re-establish and rejuvenate the Archbishopy in Germany, thus he worked in this country, establishing new Orthodox Churches and Archbishopies in Bonne and other regions and published a monthly journal for the Greek immigrants in Germany. He also managed to introduce Greek Theology in German Universities, and assisted the Greek workers and immigrants in Germany both spiritually and practically.

In 1981 he returned to Crete to continue his work and deeds there until 2005 when he resigned due to advanced age.

With his presence he contributed to the establishment and operation of the Orthodox Academy of Crete.
He wrote dozens of books, while in the area of ​​Kissamos the museum Eirinaios Galanakis has been founded and exhibits his personal objects. The opening was officiated by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew during his visit to Kissamos, on Oct. 6, 2009.

Too many texts are writen by and for eirinaios Galanakis. Locals call him nowadays Saint Eirinaios, or the grandfather of Kissamos or the grandfather of Crete or the grandfather of the Orthodox Religion.

Nowadays you can find a square named Eirinaios Galanakis in the city center, next to the city hall.

This is a local block in his memory (In Greek). ( https://irineos.blogspot.com/ )


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