• Interesting landscape

  • Interesting geological phenomenon

  • Car accesible

  • Picturesque place

Komolithoi are met in village Potamida in Kissamos. Is a unique place, near Tyflos (means ”blind” in Greek) river.

Komolithoi are actually small soft clay hills, which has turned to conical weird shaper. Their sides are tottaly bared and some plants at their top. Going there is very simple and also walking among them is easy.

Tip: Make a stop on your way to elafonisi beach, you will have some amazing pictures back home. 

Near attractions – Topolia tunel

The tunel that goes through the mountain. Topolia tunel is the only tunnel in Crete that is dug by hands! It is a 4 meters wide and 100 meters long tunnel. It fits only one car and it’s construction, according to the inhabitants of the village that lived then and some of them participated in its construction, must have begun around 1920.

Near attractions – The Cave of St. Sophia

A cave with a small church dedicated to Hagia Sophia (Wisdom of God). A ”must see” unique place.