A private beach wedding in Crete is a majestic event and creates unforgettable memories. There’s nothing quite as magical as the waves crashing against the shore while taking a romantic walk down the beach.

All beaches in Kissamos are public. Can you imagine your self in Falassarna beach as a bride? Can you imagine your self in Balos lagoon with this amazing view? The only think you need is the proper permission from local authorities (municipality of Kissamos).

Additionally, for those couples that seek greater privacy, a villa, beach bar, or venue with private beachside access is also a plausible solution. This is because it will offer you and your guests unrestricted access to the beach. But, is it that easy and what do you need to consider before sharing some invitations to your family and friends…

If you are planning to combine your wedding with your honeymoon, or having a wedding revival way far from home means you’re in for a much more unique ceremony, but way much more difficult planning ceremony and travel. Planning such an event is no easy but ofcourse it’s not impossible. It would be better for you to have a local friend or a wedding planner. It will make your life easier.

We picked some of the best options in Kissamos area for beach weddings, we will try to analize them further more.

First of all, search with him or her for THE place and decide which place is going to be your wedding place in Kissamos.

Best places in Kissamos for your beach wedding

  • No 1

    Falassarna Beach

  • No 2

    Elafonisi beach

    No 2

  • No 3

    Livadia beach

  • No 4

    Balos Lagoon

    No 4

beach wedding
Beach wedding
Beach wedding

  • Falassarna Beach

Falassarna beach seems to be the best option for a beach wedding for three simple reasons.

  • One of the best beaches, one of the best places to stare the sunset. You will love the moment the sun goes down to the sea. You will love the red sky, the amazing crystal clear water.
  • Close enough to Kissamos city. You and your guests will obviously stay in a hotel, probably in Kissamos. The wedding day is not the right day for driving…
  • Huge coast. You can pick the big sandy beach, the small harbour, a ”private” beach or a beach bar for your after wedding party. It has too many options actually.

If we ”should” find a negative clue to Falassarna beach, for a wedding ceremony, it will definitely be the wind. Even if your wedding will take place in high season, there are some windy days. It’s not actually a huge problem, you just have to be prepared for this (don’t lose your decoration, at least before the ceremony).

Elafonisi will be one of the best beaches you have ever seen. It’s turquoise water and the pink sand makes the place exotic. We are 100% sure you do want to have your wedding in elafonissi. Is it that easy though? The answer is no, especially in high season. Depending on your guest number, is difficult to find a hotel for everyone. The distance for you and your guests is quite big and the road is not the best. You will need (about) 1 hour driving from Kissamos. Through the mountains. It’s your choise finnaly, but we have to warn you. If you don’t have problem with that, then it’s going to be the perfect place.

  • Elafonisi beach

  • Livadia beach

Livadia beach is an option between the other three beaches for one reason. It’s the closest one to Kissamos city. If you find driving in Crete difficult, if you have some older guests, if you need simplicity then that’s your choise. A beautiful beach (obviously not like the other three), many places to pick up your favourite one and close enough to the city center.

Amazing place, amazing view, you will surely have some amazing pictures back home BUT have you tried to drive from Kissamos to Balos lagoon? We don’t mean in holiday time with your beach wear, we mean with a wedding dress, with some guests, with some chairs and decoration…

We think it will be a little bit difficult for you and for your guests.

If thats not a problem for you then you have found the ideal place. Start from Kissamos with your car and in about one hour you will be on the free parking lot of Balos lagoon. You will have to walk for (about) 15 minutes and then you will be here:

That’s the spot. Enjoy your unique moments in Kissamos. Enjoy your unique moments in Balos Lagoon.

  • Balos Lagoon

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