• Balos lagoon, an aerial view of the lagoon.
  • Some boats floating in Kissamos harbour

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Planning a trip to Kissamos? We’ve got some secrets…

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Kissamos, Crete, Greece

A small town in the western part of Crete island, in Greece. It is part of the Chania regional unit. Discover Kissamos and its secrets!

Be a traveler, not a tourist

Every place has its secrets. Kissamos has its own. We won’t tell you each one of them, only some useful travelers’ secrets.

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Enjoy every single moment, because time in holidays counts double! Don’t waste your time searching.

We love traveling as much as you do! We tottaly know that it’s difficult to find the best spots. It’s difficult to get into locals, to be part of them. It’s difficult to find the ”locals favourite” restaurant or bar. That’s why ”In Kissamos” was maded. To help people explore our place. To let them be ”one of us”! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Discover Kissamos, enjoy traveling

Our place, kissamos is not a place given entirely over to tourism. Exudes an unpolished, almost gritty, air compared to other north-coast towns. Morover in Kissamos there are 3 of the most photographed and famous beaches in Greece. Balos Lagoon, Elafonisi beach & Falassarna beach. We are proud saying that Kissamos is the perfect place for summer vacations. It’s the ideal place for a family, and for those who need to relax and enjoy calmness. Discover some of the most famous beaches in Greece or some of the Kissamos secrets.

Discover Balos beach, Elafonisi beach or Falassarna beach. Discover mavros molos beach, drapanias beach, viglia beach. Discover Topolia gorge, Sirikari gorge, Roka gorge. Discover Komolithoi in Potamida village, the lake in Inachorio or agia sofia cave. Discover the city center of Kissamos, Skalidi street and many many more secrets of Kissamos. 

We are waiting for you to explore the classics and the secrets, but let’s start with the basics.  At first, do you actually know where Kissamos is? Kissamos is in the western part of a Greek island named Crete.

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